Playing sport and keeping active is an essential part of daily life and being both keen sports woman themselves Tina, Ruth and Nina understand the joys of exercising, the highs of finishing events and the lows of getting injured.

We understand the importance of getting you back to sport as quickly but also as safely as possible, so you don’t reinjure yourself as there is nothing more frustrating! We therefore provide fast and effective injury diagnosis and management of your injury to return you to your sport. It is also an important part of our role to help educate you around why your injury may have happened and give you the tools to help prevent further injuries.

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We both have extensive experience working with sports injury management with Tina specialising in cricket and mountain biking and Nina in athletes.

At Body Wise health we use a variety of treatment options including your own personalized exercise programme, massage, mobilisations, and taping to assist in your recovery. We are also able to source and provide a wide range of braces and supports as well as being able to work with you at the Anytime Fitness gym in Shirley for extended rehabilitation.

Should you require x-rays, ultrasounds or referral to surgeons or specialists for MRI’s our physiotherapists are able to arrange all of this for you.