Physio In Parklands

At Body Wise Health we combine our quality training and in-depth knowledge of how the body works with years of clinical experience to assess, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injury and illness. 

So what does that fancy word Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy mean? It means we are experts in treating the musculoskeletal system consisting of your muscles, joints, nerves and fascia (your connective tissue!)  We are experienced at treating a vast array of conditions. We treat all of your spinal back and neck pain through to all of your sprains and strains.

We service Parklands and throughout Christchurch. 

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How Can Body Wise Health Help You?

  • Work with you and encourage you to live the best life you can and live optimal health
  • Reduce or relieve your pain
  • Provide you with a treatment plan and strategies for best managing your condition or injury
  • Help you recover quickly and return to sport, work and activities at home
  • Improve your fitness, flexibility, muscle strength and core stability
  • Decrease stress and tension
  • Release tight trigger points in muscles
  • Educate you and help you understand how your body works and how to prevent injuries in the future
  • Work in with our team of health professionals including our GP’s and nurses at MFHC and the team at Anytime Fitness Gym in Shirley.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • lower back pain
  • knee injury from a fall
  • DPI (discomfort pain or injury) at work
  • sprained ankle playing netball
  • back pain from gardening
  • simply waking up with a sore neck in bed

These are just some of the types of conditions we treat. We are the physio’s here to help you.

We listen and provide a quality assessment of all the contributing factors to your pain, discomfort or other health concerns.

After our thorough assessment we put together a personalised treatment plan. This could typically include:

  • Massage
  • Personalised exercise programmes with our state of the art home Physiotec Programmes custom made for you
  • Mobilisations of stiff and painful joints
  • Acupuncture for pain relief and release of tight trigger points
  • Stress management and breathing retraining
  • Advice and education on best recovery

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy prior to surgery eg rotator cuff repair, total knee or hip replacement provides you with optimal muscle strength and an understanding of what you can expect post-surgery. Recovery times and outcomes from surgery have shown to improve with good pre surgery strength. 

At Body Wise Health our physiotherapists are experts in post-surgical rehabilitation. We will tailor make rehabilitation exercise programs to help you achieve your goals whether it be getting back to work, getting back to sport or simply being pain free walking again. We have access to gym facilities at Anytime Fitness Shirley allowing us to  support and work along side you providing our high quality rehabilitation.

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